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Warframe Codes

Are exclusive codes that allow you to obtain in-game rewards such as boosters or weapons.

Use your Warframe Promo Codes and Vouchers

In the gaming world, there are few games which are probably played by every single player in the globe. Warframe has been one of those games. This is a 3rd person game and shooting game through which makes it attractive to the players and more engaging as well. The game has been released in early 2013 by Digital Extremes, it’s available on PS4, XONE and Windows based desktops. You can control some of the warriors of ancient times and their powers in this very game. Mainly, gameplay puts emphasis on COOP missions, upgrade your current abilities and equipment. The title is identified as a product with beautiful Sci-Fi graphics and a lot of upgrade capabilities. This game is available for free, and the missions that you need to complete are very absorbing. To improve your performance, you will need to upgrade your character, and for that, you will certainly need the game currencies in your account. Warframe promo codes are opportunity to obtain those currencies without any risk.

This game has four types of currencies that you can use:

  • Platinum
  • Ducats
  • Credits
  • Standing

If you play through the game, you will earn every other currency except the platinum one and that one is hard to come by and there are only a few ways in which you can get them into your account. It’s obviously normal, that free-to-play game have to keep servers and whole game-dev team.

Warframe Promo Code 2017

Warframe Platinum

Platinum can be said to be as the most critical of the currencies available in the Warframe, and you can only purchase this currency in exchange for real world money. One platinum will cost you 0.067$ and so on. If you do not wish to spend that much of money, you can always use the online coupon codes available for buying platinum.

What can you do with the currency?

  • You can buy unique items,
  • you can get Warframe in exchange of 50 platinum,
  • High Roller Credit Bundle: costs 90 Platinum in exchange for 175,000 Credits,
  • you can get different weapon sets for 25-50 platinum,
  • for a new landing craft, you need 50 platinum,
  • for consumable items and keys, you need at the most 15 platinum,
  • you can even increase Warframe slot or weapon slot in exchange of maximum 20 platinum,
  • you can also purchase weapons, skins and from the store. 

How you can get the platinum?

  • You can buy it for real world money,
  • if you buy any prime access tier, you get platinum,
  • if you can rank in top 3 in the contests, you might win platinum,
  • you can exchange platinum in a trade,
  • from our promo codes (rarely).

Warframe Codes 2017

If you search online, you will find that you can get plenty of options to cut down the cost of the Warframe platinum. One of those option are vouchers. Currently we have Warframe Vouchers for:

  • Weapons packs,
  • Mod packs,
  • Affinity boost,
  • Credits boost.

Any promo code is available to use after logging into your account on PC or from game menu on PS4 version .

How to reedem voucher?

  • Press “Get Access” Button,
  • complete a survey (We have to do that, to pay our hosting and stop freeloaders ruining the codes),
  • open PDF file with Warframe Coupons,
  • enjoy playing the game with all the currency that you have got.

All you have to do is to login into your account and redeem code. Unfortunately, codes are one-time use so you have to wait till new promotional vouchers will show up, usually they change after 2-3 weeks and thanks to this, you will never meet lack of Platinum or be forced to grind for your dreamed gear.

Obviously Warframe Codes and vouchers are available to use for everyone who is registered at Warframe. So far we gave over 100 promotional codes that were used by over 3,000 players.

Thanks to our Warframe Promo Codes 2017 you will get powerful equipment and a lot of boosts that will let you amazingly increase your gameplay enjoyment and you will rule enemies with new, powerful gear.


Positive reviews

“Now game makes sense
for me again. We can play now all night – me and my friends. New
gear is so useful wher you have a bit more experienced character.”


“I’ve activated few
coupons for credits and also I gave few Credit Bundles to my friends as
christmas gift! Now gameplay is enjoyable again.”


“I do not know what I
am supposed to say. Everything worked like it should, I’ve redeemed
few keys in one night and I’ve instantly bought new gear. It just
works and it makes game addictive again.”

Matthew W.